Electronic Giving works the same as the automatic payment methods used to make mortgage or utility payments through your bank or credit union. After completing an online application, you will be able to contribute from your savings or checking account as well as with a credit or debit card.Electronic Giving offers a secure, easy to use, established process that is currently used by over 15,000 churches and non-profit organizations today.

  • Easy sign-up process
  • One-time or recurring contributions
  • Contribute to your pledge account, mission activities, or church projects.
  • Save time and cost for you and the church

Through this self-service application, you control when, how much and how you want to contribute.

Participation is purely at your election, but offers another way you can contribute to St. Paul’s. Enroll or make changes at anytime – day or night.

We’re keeping traditions, but using technology!  


Enrollment Process

Step 1: Get Connected

Are you listed in the Church Database with an email address?

 If yes, click here to connect to AccessACS, our partner for eGiving:

  • Enter your email address, first and last name and click Find Me.
  • If you are in the church database, an email will be sent to you to complete the enrollment process.
  • You will then define a password for your account.

If no, please call the church office at 248-651-9361 to have your information added to the church database. After which you will be able to use the link above to enroll.

If you are a Guest, and want to contribute, click here to connect to eGiving for one time users.

  • Enter your email address and a link will be forwarded to you to complete a one time contribution.
  • We appreciate your contribution!

Step 2:  Make Selections

When the site opens, you will be guided through five processing steps:

  • Gift
  • Funds
  • Payment Method
  • Review & Process
  • Receipt

Complete each section and click Continue.

You can select a single fund to make a contribution or you can select from several funds. The primary giving funds are listed. You may also select ‘Miscellaneous’ and indicate where you would like your contribution to be directed.

In payment method, you can contribute from your checking or savings account OR your debit or credit card. You will need to have your bank account or credit card information available to complete the enrollment process.

Following completion, you will be sent a confirming email. Once signed up, you may change your contribution instructions at anytime by visiting the site and making modifications.

View your contribution history 24/7.